Gain 2x sales by showcasing your products on the menu (Proven)

You probably go for a lot of campaigns to have potential customers on your eCommerce site. In one way or another, they come to your site. Now what? You surely want to direct them to your products that you want to sell. Despite having a highly navigable eCommerce site, your visitors may not go to the product details. If that happens, your effort and money in running all those campaigns will go in vain. No worries! There’s a wonderful way to direct your visitors to products. And that’s what we are going to talk about today in this article.

How to display products on the menu

If you visit the most popular eCommerce sites in the market today, you will find they are directing you to their products in many ways. The most common one is displaying products on the menu. As people tend to hover over the menus first, integrating a system with the menu for directing visitors to products will result in more sales.

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